Dr. Karen L. Thompson, C.Ed.D.
Founder & Senior Pastor

With the spirit of a teacher, Dr. Karen L. Thompson is an ordained Minister of the Gospel and fellow laborer in the Kingdom. She accepted Christ as her savior in 1988 and began what has been an extraordinary and God-led walk with the Lord.

Dr. Thompson is a native of Washington, DC who relocated to Baltimore, Maryland over 30 years ago in pursuit of her quest to embrace the intimacy of the Lord Jesus. She joined Trinity Apostolic Faith Holiness Church under the leadership of Elder (Bishop) Ivan Grant.

Her desire for and love of God’s Holy Word was evident early in her salvation. In fulfillment, Dr. Thompson enrolled in the Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland in 1990 where she studied for a year and half. She transferred her enrollment to the Arlington Bible College, Baltimore, Maryland to continue her biblical studies for the next year and half. In 1993, following the call and direction of God, Dr. Thompson moved her church membership to a newly birthed ministry, Blessed Trinity Church of Deliverance, Inc., Pikesville, Maryland where she faithfully served for 18 years under the leadership and spiritual guidance of her spiritual mother, Pastor Dr. Ruby Prideaux until the Lord summoned Pastor Prideaux home to be with him. She quickly became one of the pillars of this ministry being used by God in several capacities, i.e., Church Administrator; Associate Minister; Member of the Trustee Board; Adult Sunday School Teacher; Pastoral Adjutant; and Bible Institute Administrator and Facilitator. With the demands of the ministry increasing, Dr. Thompson took a brief recess from continuing her Christian education.

Dr. Thompson answered the gospel call to ministry after yielding to the Master’s plan for her life. She preached her initial sermon entitled “Created Out of a Void and Dark Situation” taking her text from Genesis chapter 1 and was licensed as a minister of the gospel in March 1996. She was ordained an Elder in the Lord’s church in August 2004 by the National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. under the leadership of Bishop Ivan Grant.  Understanding God desired greater of his servant, Dr. Thompson reengaged herself in her Biblical Studies enrolling in the North Carolina College of Theology under the Beth-El Temple College of Theology Satellite Program. There, she completed the course of study receiving a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master in Biblical Studies and a Master in Christian Education. Still sensing a greater call, Dr. Thompson continued her Biblical studies meeting the requisites necessary to receive a Doctorate in Christian Education in 2013. Dr. Thompson went on to serve as a faculty member of the Beth-El Temple College of Theology facilitating the Associate Degree course of study where she continued to serve faithfully until the Lord led her to birthed the Remnant of God Bible Institute.

It was during Dr. Thompson’s final years of her Christian Education that the Lord revealed he had called her to the pastorate. In obedience to the call, Dr. Thompson began a Mission in her home where she conducted weekly Bible Study. From this humble beginning, the Lord enlarged her territory leading her to establish and pastor the Remnant of God Deliverance Ministry, Inc. Under her leadership, Remnant of God Deliverance Ministry has seen the hand of God move mightily building a people and a ministry dedicated to carrying out their divine Kingdom Mandate.

Dr. Thompson is committed to following the footsteps of her late pastor and spiritual mother Dr. Ruby Prideaux who excited her to pursue after the Lord until she found Him. The heartbeat and passion of Dr. Thompson is to teach and preach the word of God until God breaths life in the souls of dying men and women. She is revered as a Christian leader and serves the ministry blamelessly.